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We offer the following Modules:

The company specializes in accounting and the preparation of annual financial statements for small and medium size businesses from all fields of the economy.

:: Our service includes filing and bookkeeping of the client’s documents, their regular registering in the accounts books and the preparation of the annual financial report under the requirements of the applied accounting laws.

:: We set up a suitable form of accounting and devise an individual accounts plan in regard with the specificity of our client’s business. For each case we keep and maintain a separate file.

Every file contains all documents collected and/or prepared in the accounting process.

:: We are responsible for duly preparing all the necessary references, declarations and statements and all other information connected with the client’s activity and their submission in the required term to the tax, social, employment, statistical or any other authority. We take full responsibility for our work having full trust in the expertise of our employees.

AccountingCompany „Balance consult 2000 Ltd has developed several modules with services and each module has its place in the comprehensive accounting services provision.

We know that time is money, that is why one of our main goals is to save the time of our clients. For the purpose of achieving this goal we have developed several modules with services. Each one of these modules aims at relieving the work of our clients, at taking care of them being well informed, being able to receive good quality accounting services and professional opinions and positions on emerging issues.

We try to minimize as much as possible the contacts between the client and the state administration. The accounting services modules, developed by Accounting Company „Balance consult 2000“ Ltd, allow us to work with an individual approach, to be flexible, to be able to satisfy the needs of our clients from good quality, professional and complex services in the filed of accounting, finances and taxation.

We offer the following Modules:

  • Module “Accountancy”

  • Module „LR“ (Labor and Remuneration) and Module “Human Resource”

  • Module “Administrative services”

  • Module “Additional services”

  • Module “Independent financial auditing”

  • Module “Consultancy services”

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